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Summary Pricing Download


The Summary Pricing Download dashboard allows you to download a summary of the pricing information on all the different payment products from CPOs and MSPs. You can download the latest data or the data on a specific date.

The Summary Pricing Download dashboard


Depending on the modules you are licensing, you may or may not have access to CPO or MSP pricing. For more information, contact your account manager.

Settings and Filters

Use the settings and filters provided in the dashboard to customize and filter the data displayed in the dashboard. By default, information for all operators is displayed in a table.


Select the date for which you want to view the pricing information.


The pricing information is available from 25-04-2022. Also, if you select a date before six months, the pricing information is only available for Mondays.


The following table describes the filters you can use to filter the data shown in the Summary Pricing Download dashboard.

Filter Description
Product Owner Filter the data based on the product owner. You can select one or more product owners.
Product Type Filter based on the product types. You can select one or more product types from the below list:

- Cpo Adhoc (The EV driver can pay using ad hoc payment methods, such as credit card, debit card, etc.)
- Cpo Subscription (The EV driver must have a subscription with the CPO to pay and charge.)
- MSP (The EV driver can pay using a MSP's card.)
Country of Charging Station Filter the data based on the country of the charging station. You can select one or more countries.


In the Summary Pricing Download dashboard, click Export, and from the drop-down menu, select CSV to download the data to a CSV file.


Before downloading, you can select the columns (attributes) you want to include in your download. The download always respects the applied filters.

The Download filters in Summary Pricing Download dashboard